House Rules

Groups must abide by Best Practice rules regarding Child Protection see Code of Good Practice issued by the Department of Education and Science (2002), also Fire Safety and care for the centre. In addition, the following rules should be adhered to:

  • No smoking in the centre
  • No alcohol or drugs in the centre
  • No-one in the group to use alcohol or drugs for the duration of the stay
  • Lock external doors and windows when centre is unattended and ensure that centre is fully secured prior to leaving
  • Any damage must be notified to Colin as soon as possible, repair or replacement costs may have to be paid
  • Only light fires outside in the prescribed locations

Before You Leave

  • Turn off all lights, gas and electrical appliances
  • Close all external doors and windows
  • Ensure that all rubbish from inside and outside the centre is either taken home or deposited in the skip
  • Clean all the interior of the Centre – wash and dry all crockery, vacuum the floors, clean toilets and sinks – cleaning materials are supplied. Leave the centre as clean and tidy as possible
  • Leave the key where you found it.

All damages or breakages should be notified to Colin at and leave a note in the kitchen for Dorothy.


The Centre will be opened by pre-arrangement and the relevant keys will be left inside. Please return them where you found them when vacating the premises.