Leader Guidelines

Please take special care for the safety of your group at all times. It is the responsibility of your group to ensure that you have adequate insurance.

Please check on arrival that the equipment is in order and take note of anything broken or missing. Failure to do this may lead to misunderstandings i.e. discharged fire extinguisher could be charged to your group. On leaving please list any damage and inform the Glencree Society as soon as possible.

All fire extinguishers on the premises have a condition indicating gauge. When the pointer is in the GREEN section it indicates that the extinguisher is ready for use and should only be used in the case of emergency. If the pointer is in the RED section then please report it so that it can be refilled. Smoke alarms are provided and should not be interfered with. Please impress on your group that this equipment is there for their own safety.

At the end of your stay we request that you make a special effort to ensure that the house is left tidy.

Please ensure that all waste is either taken home or deposited in the skip on the lane.

Please remember that we have neighbours near the Centre. Our continued good relations with the community depends on your group. Your group should not wander onto farms or pester livestock. In particular, please do not make noise at night-time at any of the Centres. It is a condition of the letting that there is adult leadership with the group at all times.

Please also remember that the Centres are intended as a sleeping and eating location for your group. Your programme should take you out and away from the Centre during the day, with the obvious exception of retreats and training type programmes which actually use the house for the programme.

Please exercise supervision to ensure that members of your group do not climb onto the roof of the Centre. This is dangerous and can be expensive for your group if repairs are necessary.

We look forward to your cooperation.

N.B. No alcohol is permitted on the site.

If you have any ideas on how the Glencree Society facilities might be improved, please let us know.