Hostel Rates From 1st January 2019     

Please note there will be a price increase on Jan 1st 2020                  

                                                         THE GROVE    AURORA HOUSE      BOTH

(Sleeps 24)              (Sleeps 18)

Weekend (2 Nights)                   €420                           €350                       €700

Day Time Only                               €120                           €100                       €200

Mid-week (1 night stay)            €180                           €160                       €320

A non refundable deposit of €100 is required to secure a booking

Payment may be made direct into our account at the 

Bank of Ireland, Dun Laoghaire.

The following IBAN No. will be needed when crediting our account

IE 39   BOFI  9011  1610  1519  29

Please indicate the name of your group when making a lodgement as this will then appear on our Bank Statement. 

Glencree Society  NSC: 90-11-16, Account 10151929